West London Zone

Tactical and practical communication strategy and planning

The Challenge

West London Zone is a children’s charity working in one of the most unequal parts of the country.  It approached us to help review its communications, with a view to raising its profile and encouraging a better understanding of its vitally important work.

WLZ’s delivery model involves multiple stakeholders and a sensitive subject matter, the combination of which was becoming a burden to effective, purposeful communications, hampering its new objective of scaling up operations over the next five years.

Our Approach

A workshop with the charity’s senior leadership team explored every aspect of operations.  We fed this information into a communication strategy to clarify organisational objectives, scope, prioritise stakeholders and scan the operational environment to map the themes of all future comms activity.  The result was new, purposeful key messaging and recommendations for the future communications resourcing.

A highly practical and tactical communication plan followed, complete with best practice concepts for day to day activity, as well as higher level campaign creatives and projects.  From public relations to social media, thought leadership to newsletters, the plan covered everything WLZ needed to succeed. Whilst WLZ recruited an in-house team, we supported on comms delivery, producing a wide range of content and support to embed the new approach internally.

Our partnership with West London Zone resulted in a revolutionary way of working for them, with the client remarking that the key messaging alone has given them clarity that has not only saved time, but provided increased confidence in team members' interactions with stakeholders. Our themes developed into powerful communications – such as ‘Bridging the Gap’ – which highlighted the need to address the opportunity gap faced by many disadvantaged young people in the area.

During this period, Verity also increased Twitter followership, impressions and engagement rates significantly.  In one month we reached 200,000 impressions compared with a previous maximum of 10,000

“The work Verity has conducted is already achieving cut through for our profile.  Getting us to this point was no small task, but Verity’s practical and detailed approach has translated our complexity into easily understandable messages and activity, and revolutionised our way of thinking. ”

– CEO, West London Zone

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