Delivering clarity and consistency of sustainability language and positioning

The Challenge

The challenge

Softcat, an IT Infrastructure and Services Provider, is driving a strong sustainability agenda, aligned with the global UN SDGs and dedicated to adding value for all stakeholders.

There was however a lack of consistency in the language being used around commitments across the business and in communications.

Softcat understood the importance of a singular and compelling position and narrative. It was keen to clarify terminology and create cohesion when talking about how it drives positive change for people and planet.

It asked for Verity London’s help to align internal teams, shape positioning, and create a unified narrative to use as a foundation upon which to talk about its environmental and social agenda and progress.

  • Review of Softcat sustainability positioning and communications, and competitor analysis
  • Internal stakeholder meetings on key material topics including environmental sustainability, D&I and Social Value
  • Detailed presentation of findings, recommendations and three different pathways to positioning sustainability
  • Creation of messaging framework, communications principles and new sustainability narrative  

Our Approach

Landscape Analysis and critical insight

Our research, competitor benchmarking and one to one calls with key internal stakeholders uncovered the gaps and opportunities for clarifying and improving sustainability positioning and communications. We outlined and evidenced key areas of inconsistency and challenge. We also uncovered different levels of stakeholder understanding and identified how to optimise and better leverage ‘one source of truth’, to create uniformity, consistency and a more compelling narrative.

Detailed presentation and positioning development

We shared our findings and insight in a workshop with key members of the Softcat team. We presented three mapped out options for sustainability positioning for discussion. A facilitated approach brought internal stakeholders into alignment, enabling consensus on terminology and the development of a messaging framework and communications principles to deliver clarity around language, structure and pillars of activity.

The outcome

Softcat now has a solid foundational positioning and language to use when talking about its sustainability strategy, initiatives and progress. Importantly, it also has an aligned and connected internal team all working together to deliver successful action and communications.

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