Unlocking partnerships and increasing engagement through sustainability  

The Challenge

The challenge

PostTag offers location-precision technology which reduces the delivery miles the world needs to drive, by getting delivery drivers to the right front door, first time. Ensuring precision means delivery drivers and couriers cut down their miles, time and fuel costs and importantly, help reduce carbon emissions.

In 2023, PostTag saved its clients 64 million miles of excess travel.  Saving the equivalent of 2.585 diesel vans circumnavigating the globe.  With a goal of reducing miles driven, it helps the transport and delivery industries reduce their GHG Scope 1 & 3 emissions, and retailers reduce their Scope 3 emissions.  Location accurate destination support also helps employee drivers feel less stressed.

With a core product that addresses a critical sustainability issue, PostTag was keen to understand more about the sustainability landscape, regulatory requirements and key sustainability challenges facing its clients current and future. It wanted to discover more ways to have conversations and transform engagement, for deeper collaboration.

  • Research and analysis into existing and new customers to uncover sustainability gaps and opportunities
  • Sourcing and approaches to potential customers for research calls  
  • 1-2-1 discovery calls with sustainability leads of current and potential customers
  • Detailed report with insight and recommendations for messaging, partnership and points of value add.

Our Approach

Landscape Analysis

We carried out background research into potential new PostTag customers, looking to explore 5 key areas of insight. These included the sustainability challenges and opportunities each business faces as part of their fleet decarbonisation roadmap and net zero ambitions, to spot opportunities for PostTag to partner and add value.

We also looked at how embedded sustainability / emissions reduction is in procurement and explored the access points, best framing and narrative for having sustainability conversations with the purchasing team.

One to one calls with stakeholders

Extended calls with current clients allowed us to ask important questions on their sustainability concerns and priorities, understand how embedded it is in the organisation and identify opportunities for PostTag to get involved in collaborative projects to drive change across the industry.

Detailed Report

We shared our findings and insight with the PostTag team, including recommendations on best approach, sustainability messaging and ‘quick win’ ideas that can be easily implemented to deepen engagement.

The outcome

PostTag was able to tap into the needs of both current and future customers, and now has revised communication ideas to amplify its already strong sustainability messaging.  The ‘quick wins’ provided additional value, giving ways for them to boost engagement in the short term and begin new conversations.

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