Financial Ombudsman Service

Engaging teams, promoting employee networks

The Challenge

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a diverse organisation, keen to highlight some of the great work it is doing around inclusion and wellbeing. It has fantastic employee-led networks – people who join according to their interests, religious or cultural backgrounds. These are crucial in helping the FOS understand what really matters to its people, and to provide the right support. There are passionate groups of employees achieving great things within each of the fourteen networks.  From reviewing policies to raising awareness, providing events to drop in sessions.  

The Financial Ombudsman Service needed to ensure that everybody within the organisation knew about the networks, and how they could get involved. As well as celebrate what has already been achieved and champion them as part of it’s wider ‘Power of the Network’ campaign.  It also needed inspiring content to share with new starters, that reflects the organisation’s purpose and demonstrates what is available for all employees.

Our Approach

The client didn’t want to compromise strict privacy policies with communications that were too personal or which highlighted specific individuals.  Our solution was a powerful film that would be joyful and uplifting, celebrating and showcasing the networks and what they achieved.  A multimedia approach using dynamic graphics, text and images shows the great work the networks have achieved. We worked with the Financial Ombudsman Service to develop key messages around the best of the networks' achievements, scope and scale, and then brought it all to life.

Breaking the film down into individual mini films for each network, added extra value.  They will all be used widely to ensure every one of it's people knows about the FOS networks and feels able to get involved. Improving staff support and wellbeing, as well as helping recruitment and induction of new team.

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