Access – The Foundation for Social Investment

Promoting financial resilience to increase social impact

The Challenge

Access works to make charities and social enterprises more financially resilient and self-reliant. This is so they can sustain or increase their impact with additional revenue from income streams other than fundraising, including social enterprises and grant applications.

Celebrating its five year anniversary, Access wanted to share key lessons that were going to shape how they planned to operate over the next five years. These communications needed to be understood by everyone, regardless of their experience in the social enterprise sector.  With a further objective to increase awareness and understanding of the opportunities available, and how Access can help and support organisations with them.

Our Approach

We laid out a two phase approach to this project.  The first was discovery, working with key stakeholders and the Board, followed by creating and delivering on a content strategy to successfully embody findings from the discovery phase.

Results from the senior leadership workshop we led created an aligned vision for the goals and outcomes.  From our findings, we developed the "5 Lessons in 5 Years" concept for a campaign, building a narrative that focused on showcasing the breadth of work and achievements so far, in accessible, jargon-free language that would set the tone for future campaign content.

This led to creating a campaigns content strategy, focusing on formats and media that would build awareness and understanding across Access’ digital channels. The campaign received strong buy in from key stakeholders and the Board, and we wanted to bring to life the passion and expertise that existed within the organisation, across the content.  With a lot of complex information to disseminate and incorporate, we focused on building awareness around storytelling, using people involved in the work to drive the change and build engagement.  Five podcasts – one for each story – shared insight and experience.  Supported by social media assets, infographics and thought pieces, providing a range of opportunities to engage with the 5 Lessons for 5 years campaign.

Increased engagement across social channels, enhanced by greater  understanding of complex subject matter from stakeholders led to us then rolling out a range of similar campaigns for Access’ Partner organisations from the charity sector.

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