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The Inside Track: E-Book

Responsible Business Insights 2023

Our clients face multi-faceted ​challenges when driving positive change for people and planet. They’re often caught in the conflicting space between increased pressure from investors, consumers and regulators ​to make commitments and show progress, and decreased budget, resource and prioritisation from their boards.

This e-book is designed to expose the realities of the current operating landscape, break down hot topics and equip you and your teams with tips and tools to optimise the next chapter of responsible business.

What will you find? 

Our ‘state of the sector’ assessment

  • Finding stability in a changing landscape​
  • Movers and shakers: Who is driving the agenda?​
  • The Verity verdict – reasons to be positive, andthings to look out for…​

Hot topics in responsible business strategy and communications

  • Resource and prioritisation​
  • Risk management​
  • Reporting your progress​
  • Reinforcement at all levels​

Working tools for you and your teams

Highlighted throughout the e-book​

We hope you find this insightful. Happy to answer any questions you might have or to discuss any challenges you are facing in this space.

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