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Responsible Busy-ness Report

“Our goal with this report is to provide advice and recommendations that will help ensure Responsible Business teams are set up for success, not stress”


Hello and welcome to the results of Responsible Busy-ness; our first ever Responsible Business Professionals Report, based on research conducted by Verity London between January and March 2022 via one-to-one interviews, an online survey, desk research and multiple conversations with clients and contacts. All of this designed to better understand the experience and day to day challenges of today’s Responsible Business professionals and the role communications plays in assisting their important work.

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It’s been a fascinating journey, and the insights we have gained from these hard-working professionals include some common themes, what there is to look forward to - and the issues that could potentially get in the way. All of this is information we hope will be useful to anyone working in the Sustainability / ESG / Impact space; either to inform best practice or to help make a case for the additional resourcing required to deliver this increasingly busy area of work.

We undertook this research because - as the Strategy & Communications agency for Responsible Business - we have become increasingly aware of the rising demands being placed on Responsible Business practitioners. Our goal with this report is to provide advice and recommendations that will help ensure these teams are set up for success, not stress.

To continue to directly support the multiple needs of responsible leaders, we wanted to gain a deeper understand of their reality - and the results were fascinating.

Debra Sobel

Managing Partner, Strategy

Verity London

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