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Develop and communicate your brand’s purpose

When brands are purposeful, the results are good for society and good for business. The covid pandemic turned the world upside down, leaving global populations feeling nervous for both their health and economic future. One silver lining has been that it’s encouraged many businesses to address how they respond to challenges, look after their stakeholders and play a role in society.  This toolkit provides you with the key questions, takeaways and templates to help you define, develop and communicate the positive difference you make to the world.

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The key question now is how organisations carry purpose forwards into a post-pandemic world? Will brands build on their good work and further embed purpose, so it becomes part of their DNA, intrinsic to their governance, decision making, culture and communications?

At Verity London, to live our purpose of helping businesses develop, grow and communicate the difference they make to the world, we've produced a free Purpose Toolkit.  Download it today, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or you'd like to chat about your purpose strategy, campaigns or communications with us.

Grow your Purpose for greater impact, engagement and trust

Purpose driven companies grow 3x faster than their competitors and are more likely to be profitable.


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