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Purpose Reporting Toolkit

Writing & communicating your purpose report

The increase in purposeful reporting comes alongside a rise in scrutiny from investors, employees, clients and the public. Stakeholders increasingly want to hold businesses to account, ensuring they are looking after their teams, their supply chains and the communities within which they operate.

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People want to know how companies are driving positive societal impact, and transparently accounting and measuring results alongside driving long term business growth.

Many organisations use the terms, ‘responsible business’, ‘sustainability’ or ‘social impact’ to refer to business strategies or programmes directly related to environmental, social or governance (ESG) activities.  In this report, we refer to it as ‘Purpose’, but no matter what your organisation calls it, this toolkit will provide you with some of the key questions and templates to help your company develop and improve its purpose reporting.

We’ll help you discover the right structure and begin thinking about a communication plan to engage your audience and address your business needs.

Get your Purpose Report right, download our toolkit today.

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