Bitesize Summer Workshops

Dates across:

07/07/2022 - 30/09/2022


Online or face to face. 2 hour workshops


Bitesize Summer Workshops

August 14, 2022

Helping responsible business professionals tackle key issues

We’re reaching out to all those driving positive change in their organisations. 

We know you’re passionate about creating impact for people and planet. As our recent “Responsible Busy-ness” report revealed, we also know you’re incredibly ‘busy’ and often work on your own or in small teams. 

As the strategy and communications agency working in this area, we understand the main challenges you face and know you appreciate that little bit of external expert support. 

So, to help you, we’ve developed some bitesize summer workshops.

Choose one of the three topics below and let us know which one you’d like to work through with us.

1. “Finding your Purpose” 

How can you make the business case for embedding purpose into your organisation? We help you think about what you stand for, why and what you need to do to truly drive purposeful change for people and planet, alongside profit, especially in difficult economic times. 

2. “Joining the Dots” 

You already have some great initiatives across your organisation, but they operate in silo. We help you pull the strands together, discuss how to co-ordinate the conversation around purpose between departments, clarify terminology and align responsible business activity and communications with an overarching approach.

3. “Engaging your Employees”

Assess your current communications with employees around your purpose agenda and commitments, where you feel the challenges lie, and work through ideas for how you can improve employee involvement and engagement.

Dates across July, August and September. Book early to secure yours. Small fee applies.

Register your interest now via the button on this page and sign up for strategic advice, top line recommendations and a little extra clarity this summer. 

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