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Online | 1 hour Briefing Sessions for your Board

Designed to strengthen your Board’s knowledge and engagement in fundamental sustainability topics, increase awareness of main risks and opportunities and enhance decision making and oversight. Helping Boards fulfil their responsibilities, meet regulation, drive sustainable business practices and make decisions which contribute to long term value creation.

Choose from any of the topics below:

Sustainability Fundamentals

  • The perfect introduction to engage your Board on sustainability
  • Overview of the sustainability landscape
  • A different approach: from unaligned to integrated and managed
  • The language of ESG

Fit for the Future 

  • How to align sustainability with commerciality | building the business case
  • The role of leadership and governance in shaping positive change
  • Key elements which drive sustainable

Decarbonisation & achieving Net Zero

  • Insights on how Boards can support their organisation to drive positive environmental impact
  • Decarbonisation – key steps to consider to achieving it
  • Calculating and interpreting your organisation’s GHG emissions

Nature & Biodiversity

  • What do we mean by Nature and Biodiversity?
  • Main drivers of nature capital loss and ecosystem collapse
  • Nature related risks to operations and value chains
  • Mapping impacts and dependencies

Human Rights

  • Understanding the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • Fulfilling your responsibility to respect human rights
  • Identifying and reviewing high level risks
  • Reporting on human rights

Ethical Supply Chain

  • Understanding Scope 3 climate impacts
  • A look at Labour rights
  • Upskilling and educating procurement, buyers and contract owners

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Board Briefings

April 09, 2024

Boards today need to actively engage with sustainability issues which encompass ever evolving complex environmental, social, and governance factors. These can significantly impact a company’s operations, reputation, and bottom line. This is crucial not only for long-term business success but also for the wellbeing of people and planet.

Addressing sustainability challenges requires more than just surface-level awareness. It demands deep understanding and expertise to navigate change effectively, deliver clarity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Without foundational knowledge, Boards are in danger of overlooking key material risks and opportunities, leaving the organisation vulnerable to financial losses, non-regulatory compliance and reputational damage.

By investing the time and effort to understand these challenges, Boards can enhance decision-making effectiveness and position the company to thrive in the face of future uncertainties.

But – we know that

  • Only 7% of Board Directors have a formal ESG credential*
  • 53% of Boards have insufficient ESG competence to challenge management*
  • 68% of CEOs say their current ESG progress isn’t strong enough to withstand scrutiny*

That’s why we’ve developed Board Briefings.

Insight, trends and practical business examples shared in digestible and engaging ways, to promote outside in thinking and provide tangible takeaways and practical discussion points. Empowering Board members to provide insight driven leadership, thinking and change.

* Stats from – The Sustainability Board | BCG Instead | KPMG

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