About us

We’re proud to be a female-owned and led business, with a team of passionate people committed to  supporting clients to the highest level. Our founders’ story began with senior roles on high profile purposeful BBC TV brands, including Crimewatch UK and Watchdog, as well as documentaries on environmental and political issues.

In 2006, they left the world of broadcasting to set up a successful creative agency, with a specialism in film production, that would become Verity London a few years later. With a vision to bring strong editorial messaging, strategy and creative communication solutions to brands who want to make a difference.

Today, the need for responsible business has never been more important, or as high on the agenda of organisations and their leaders.  

We’re proud of the work we do and the values we hold as a company. Our long-held belief is that all businesses should be responsible. Our mission is to help as many as possible to get there.

Our People

Karen Benveniste

Co-founder and COO

Debra Sobel

Co-founder and CEO

Joel Beckman

Strategic Communications Director

Raj Nair

Senior Account Director

Julie Sander

Head of Production

Joanna Grankin

Business Development Director

Cécile Dhour

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Monica Chan

Executive Assistant

Kwesi Sekyi

Digital Marketing and PR Assistant

Andrea Dalton

Associate Producer

Rachel Gatley

Associate Communication Strategist

Craig Wildman

CFO and Non-Executive Director

Our Truth

These are our truths – a manifesto of what we stand for and the values we live and work by.
def. ‘a true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance’

Our Ambition

Alongside supporting our clients, it's important for us to also continue challenging ourselves to become a more responsible business at Verity London. We're in the process of becoming B Corp certified, and you can read about our pledges and progress in our 2021 ‘People, Purpose and Planet’ Report.

Join us

Verity London is ambitious, growing and always keen to talk to people who are excited by the work we do. If you’re a brilliant creative, committed client-focused sustainability specialist or strategic communications expert, we'd love to hear from you.
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